Renewable Energy

There is no substitute for acquisition experience. With over 15 years’ acquisition experience in urban and rural environments, we have a proven track record of acquiring good sites quickly. Similar criteria apply whether one is developing a mobile telecommunications network, a solar farm or a wind farm.

Early assessment of viable options is vital for the cost effective and efficient rollout of a radio network or the development of a renewable energy project – our local knowledge, detailed planning experience and understanding of the potential project blockers helps clients realise these efficiencies.

Too often we have seen developers’ strategies come unstuck after a failure to achieve planning permission, all arising from pursuing the wrong site from the outset. The wrong site can be linked to  being too close to residential housing, to a Natura 2000 site, to an area where views and prospects are listed for protection, for non-compliance with local, regional or national planning policy or where access is inadequate or legally compromised.

All too often developers fail to engage meaningfully with local stakeholders, giving them the opportunity to shape the development and have their say.

Services Include

  • Initial Option Reporting
  • Analysis of planning requirements
  • Analysis of option success prospects
  • Negotiation of Heads of Terms
  • Attending and directing technical surveys
  • Undertaking land registry checks
  • Finalising design specifications with site provider
  • Delivering signed agreements on acquisition option
  • Negotiating easements
  • Negotiation and mediation with local stakeholders before during and after the construction process