The sales of all property, including forestry, can only be handled via an agent licensed to sell property under the Property Services (Regulation) Act 2011.Breaching of these rules can lead to significant fines for those involved in the practice. Forestry investment is seen as a safe and secure in the current market. Annual yields are of the order of 5-8%.

Forestry enjoys a low risk-to-return ratio, a negative correlation to stock market indices, generous grants treating farmers and non-farmers alike, and biological growth which, unlike capital gain, is not swayed by the vagaries of economic fortune. Also, there is a tax-free windfall on clear felling irrespective of the clearfell value for active foresters and farmers – the previous ceiling was €80,000 on clear felling value before income taxation became applicable.

The Department of Agriculture is committed to maintain spending at €110 million for each year of the State-funded 2014-20 Forestry Programme.


  • Forest Valuations (Red Book Compliant)
  • Land Acquisition for forestry
  • Forest sales
  • Forest purchases
  • Felling licence applications
  • Planning permission applications for service roadways
  • Marketing property to Institutional Investment Funds