Build Surveying

Pre-purchase surveys
Buying a property is one of the largest financial transactions many people make in a lifetime. Arranging a pre-purchase survey is one of the smartest steps a potential purchaser can make in order to understand the potential liability associated with the property purchase, e.g. repair costs, at a pre-contract stage.

The RICS and SCSI have recommended three different standards of pre-purchase survey depending on the complexity of the task, the survey time involved, and subsequent report preparation and client briefing.

A type 1 survey is the more basic of the surveys and would typically be suited to assessing say a modern 3 bedroom semi-detached property. A type 2 survey will be a more detailed, involving a greater degree of analysis and inspection and is suited towards the majority of aged residential properties. A type 3 survey is the most comprehensive and time consuming and most often used to assess older and taller properties e.g. a 3 storey over basement Georgian property.

Condition Surveys
Condition surveys are most frequently directed at identifying building defects and their causes and recommending remedial action. Buildings can display a wide variety of defects and arranging for a professional to conduct a condition survey for early diagnosis of say dampness or timber infestation represents money very well spent.

The old saying ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ is equally as applicable to buildings as it is knitting.

Legal Mapping
We provide boundary checks on existing properties and prepare Land Registry compliant maps for property registration purposes.