rural-broadband2Kildare North TD and Minister of State Aine Brady has been informed that the EU have allocated funds from the European Economic Recovery Programme (EERP) for Rural Broadband Initiatives to cover areas that are not covered by the current Broadband Schemes.

‘The Department of Communications is currently progressing the design and implementation of a scheme which could use this EU funding to address the issue of basic Broadband availability to currently unserved rural areas, primarily due to technical and other reasons (suitability of a telephone line, distance from an enabled exchange, no line of sight etc.)’

‘Despite Government Funding in Broadband Infrastructure, through schemes like the Group Broadband Scheme, Metropolitan Network Area Programme, the National Broadband Scheme and significant investment from the private sector, we still have a small percentage of premises that do not have access to Broadband.’

‘The Funding allocated from the EU is for rural Broadband Initiatives and it will involve the identification of premises currently not capable of receiving Broadband. It is hoped to commence the scheme later this year and have it completed by 2012. Details of broadband services available in each county can be found on ComReg’s website at and precise details of the electoral divisions throughout the State that are included in the National Broadband Scheme can be viewed on the Department’s website’ concluded Minister Brady.